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In The Works makes theatre pieces that are rooted in modern spoken word. What we do is built on four pillars: development, production, promotion and distribution. Above all, we are dedicated to developing a sustainable arts practise. 



We are committed to developing new work and new talent. We have a team of creatives with a fantastic track record in writing collaborative, long-form pieces. We want to work with performance poets, both fresh and experienced, who wish to write and create collaboratively, to help them realise the stories they want to tell.


We are producing spoken word theatre. We are here to give our artists all the help they need in creating high-quality stories and releasing them into the world. We provide creative and practical support, fundraising, feedback in writing and performance, people to fall back on. We believe spoken word grows bigger when it is backed up by a team, and we want to be that team.


We promote spoken word and spoken word theatre at all levels. As a company, we want to ensure that the amazing work created by artists up and down the UK finds an audience wherever it goes. We use our collective experience in event organisation to bolster those venturing into spoken word theatre, and to enhance the performance poetry community as a whole.


We distribute our shows in whatever form suitable to the piece. Spoken word has accessibility written into its DNA, and we are committed to taking this with us in creating spoken word theatre. This means working with professional videographers, photographers, editors and publishers to make sure the work created through In The Works finds an audience beyond its live performance.


And finally, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable arts practice in all meanings of the word.

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