“Folxlore is an energizing listen that draws you in with its dreamy, poetic feel and mysterious sonic settings.”
 - The Atlantic “The 50 Best Podcast of 2020”


Folxlore is a series of queer horror stories written as a hybrid of spoken word and audio fiction.


Each episode intertwines the tales of queer inhabitants of the city as their lives oscillate between the mundane and supernatural. 


Folxlore asks the question: If paranoia is common sense, how can you tell if you're being unreasonable?

Folxlore first came out in February 2020 with three pilot episodes. The resounding success of the pilots lead to the creation of season one, which debuted March 7th 2021.


[A] whirlwind of layered sounds, leaning just enough into the weird and unusual to bring forward what is uncomfortable about living as a queer person in the world."

-Bello Collective, "100 Outstanding Podcasts From 2020"



Episode 1 Seance [I V]

Episode 2 Intruder [VIII IV]

Episode 3 Surveillance [XXI III]

Episode 4 Elevator [III VI]

From March 7 to May 2nd, you can follow along with weekly episodes by subscribing to Folxlore on your podcatcher of choice!

This is fresh feeling audio, strange and twisted in the right ways that don't leave queer folks out in the cold and instead speak, quietly and firmly, to the anxieties and fears that we have buried in order to survive."

-Elena Fernández Collins, Audio Dramatic #49


Episode 1. 'Werehouse' by Ross McFarlane

Some doors are locked for a reason, and that’s what makes them so appealing. Everyone knows that. Every thing does too.

Episode 2. 'Between' by Syd Briscoe

The world is filled with dark figures when you can’t find it in you to look up. Good luck trying to work out the shape of the danger that surrounds you.

Episode 3. 'Static' by Bibi June

Being a new parent means not knowing what you’re doing. It’s normal. Not knowing what you’ve done? That’s terrifying…



Folxlore is featured on Radio Drama Revival.

Folxlore was featured in The Atlantic's '50 Best Podcasts of 2020' and The Bello Collective's '100 Outstanding Podcasts From 2020'. 

Folxlore won in the 2020 AudioVerse Awards' 'Writing of a New Storytelling Production', Storyteller in a New Storytelling Production', and 'New Storytelling Production' categories.

Folxlore has been reviewed in The Wee Review [****] and Audio Dramatic.

Folxlore was part of PodTales 2020.



An In The Works x Tin Can Audio Production


Written and performed by

Ross McFarlane (he/him)

Syd Briscoe (he/him)

Bibi June (they/them)

Additional voices by

Hannah Raymond-Cox (she/her)

David Devereux (he/they)


Recorded and edited by David Devereux 

Artwork by J M Fyffe (they/them)

Graphic design by Bibi June

Created with support from the Young Scot Nurturing Talent Fund & Creative Scotland.