Folxlore is a series of queer horror stories written as a hybrid of spoken word theatre and audio fiction.


Each episode in this series takes inspiration from the dark atmosphere of Glasgow, the life of queer people who live there, and the liminal space they often occupy – made all the more disconcerting by the possibility of a demonic dimension pressing in on the city, and piercing through reality’s veil.


Folxlore asks the question: If paranoia is common sense, how can you tell if you're being unreasonable?


Episode 1. 'Werehouse' by Ross McFarlane

Some doors are locked for a reason, and that’s what makes them so appealing. Everyone knows that. Every thing does too.

Episode 2. 'Between' by Syd Briscoe

The world is filled with dark figures when you can’t find it in you to look up. Good luck trying to work out the shape of the danger that surrounds you.

Episode 3. 'Static' by Bibi June

Being a new parent means not knowing what you’re doing. It’s normal. Not knowing what you’ve done? That’s terrifying… All you asked for was some sleep.


An In The Works x Tin Can Audio Production


Written and performed by:

Ross McFarlane (he/him)

Syd Briscoe (he/him)

Bibi June (they/them)


Recorded and edited by David Devereux (he/they)

Original artwork by J Fyffe/@serhawke (they/them)

Graphic design by Bibi June.

Created with help from the Young Scot Nurturing Talent Fund

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