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Photo: Perry Jonsson  



'Within Sight' is Ellen Renton's first solo show. A one-woman performance about running, the Paralympics, and disability, the piece is based on Ellen’s personal experience of living with albinism. The show combines poetry, video and music. Funded by Unlimited, Creative Scotland's 'Create: Inclusion' fund, and it's Touring Fund, the show is set to tour Scotland in early 2020.



Folxlore is a series of queer horror stories written as a hybrid of spoken word theatre and audio fiction. Each episode in this series takes inspiration from the dark atmosphere of Glasgow, the life of queer people who live there, and the liminal space they often occupy – made all the more disconcerting by the possibility of a demonic dimension pressing in on the city, and piercing through reality’s veil.



'Make/Shift' is the fourth poetic collaboration between Bibi June and Ross McFarlane. A 25-minute spoken word theatre piece on a generation that was promised the universe, but was gifted a broken world. Make/Shift is touring the UK & Ireland from April 2019 onwards. The show's production and subsequent tour was funded by The Hunter Foundation and Creative Scotland.


'The 900 Club' is our second full-length spoken word theatre show. Written and performed by Ellen Renton, Ross McFarlane, Shannon O"Neill and Bibi June, it debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018. Follow four estranged friends as they take the 900 Megabus to Edinburgh to commemorate the death of their friend, five years ago. A story of friendship, this show deals with grief, guilt and mental illness.


'AMoT' is In The Works' first production. Written and performed by Ellen Renton, Ross McFarlane, Shannon O"Neill and Bibi June, it premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 and will be showing at Hidden Door 2018. Following a character lost in their own timeline, this piece takes life, death and knowledge and asks whether and why you would want any of it.


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