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Our protagonist is ‘an inspiration’, ‘so brave’, and tired of your bullshit. Growing up with albinism, she’s learned to ignore the abuse, well-meant or otherwise, that our ableist society throws at her. For as long as she can remember, she has derived worth from her independence and athletic prowess. So receiving news that she narrowly missed out on making the GB Paralympics team hits her hard. As she goes on a run to clear her head, she reflects on the relationships between her body, her senses, and her sport. Her journey through the landscape mirrors her personal journey, untangling the ways in which she’s internalised society’s expectations.


Ellen Renton’s new spoken word theatre show is a one-woman performance about running, the Paralympics, and disability. The work is based on Ellen’s personal experience of living with albinism, and addresses both individual frustration and the institutional ableism within our society. Tokenism, access barriers and inspiration porn are dissected in Ellen’s soft spoken but hard hitting poetry. The show uses video to give the non-disabled audience a sense of what it’s like to inhabit a world that wasn’t made for you, and is set to original music. Led by disabled artists, it has been designed to be accessible to a wide a variety of people.


“Th[e] exhaustion is something a lot of people will understand from going out running themselves, but what they won’t understand is the [...] physical and mental exhaustion placed on this character because of her disability. It’s using the running as a way to illustrate the other parts of her life.” - Ellen Renton in The Sunday Post



Oct. 3rd Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh.

Written and performed by Ellen Renton.
Music by Jack Hinks.
Sound design by David Devereux/Tin Can Audio.
Video design by Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi.

Produced by Bibi June Schwithal.

'Within Sight' has been funded by Unlimited and Creative Scotland.