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The door opens, the door closes. Ross comes home from his tedious office job just as Bibi leaves for another night behind the bar. This is what being twenty-something in 2019 is like: sharing a flat, a pessimistic outlook on the future, and a life with your best friend, but barely seeing each other. It isn’t the dream. It is barely even enough, but it’s what they have. A flat that is a home, a future that is yet to be decided, and a life that’s worth living. When their precarious balance is disturbed, their small family has to prove its worth.

This spoken word theatre show deals with found family and the socio-economic struggles of a generation that was promised the universe, but was gifted a broken world.


Make/Shift is a 25 minute spoken word theatre piece. It is the fourth poetic collaboration between Ross McFarlane and Bibi June. The show was funded by a Disrupter Grant from the Hunter Foundation and Creative Scotland. In 2020, the show was adapted into an audio drama for the Saboteur Awards, with sound editing by Tin Can Audio.


Preview from The Sunday Post

"I once again found myself leaving the theatre feeling inspired after seeing something so refreshing and new. I really hope that I get the chance to see more of In The Works and more of this style of theatre."

KTGTheatre, **** 


Make/Shift was adapted into an audio drama for the Saboteur Poetry Awards 2020.

Produced by In The Works x Tin Can Audio

Written and performed by:

Bibi June (they/them)

Ross McFarlane (he/him)

Sound design by David Devereaux (he/they)

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