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SGFringe *****

[T]his contemporary perspective on mental health and supporting one another through crises does not shy away from the reality of human failings and foibles, nor our capacity to love each other despite them.

On 'The 900 Club'

The Wee Review ****

The 900 Club is the kind of show that will make you want to check up on an old friend and build bridges with people who you may have lost a connection with. [...] The topics are tackled with love and emotion and this makes The 900 Club feel deeply poignant, intimate and special.

On 'The 900 Club'

The Sunday Post ****

The 900 Club is a captivating and emotional journey through grief and guilt. [...] Each of the young performers shine with confident performances, packed with the emotion and tact that conveying a story of this nature requires. It reminds you that a eulogy isn’t for the dead, but for those feeling its aftermath.

On 'The 900 Club'

SGFringe ***

Four local artists created something daringly artistic, rugged, and brave. [...] If we are fortunate, we will see more from this quartet.

On 'A Matter of Time'