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We are looking for a queer woman of colour to act in Season 1 of audio drama Folxlore

In The Works is looking for a voice actor to join us our team on queer horror audio drama Folxlore.

Fee: £300
Deadline: November 20th, 8pm (GMT)

Folxlore is a series of queer horror stories set in Glasgow – each story is written as a hybrid of spoken word theatre and audio fiction. After a successful pilot series released in February 2020, In The Works spoken word theatre company is again teaming up with Tin Can Audio, this time for a full 8-episode season.


We are casting an additional voice actor to join us on this first season. As part of the spoken word and folktale lineage of Folxlore, each of our voice actors play several roles, and so we are not looking to cast one specific role at this time, but rather to add someone’s voice to several episodes throughout the series. 


Folxlore stories are horror stories and centre queer experiences of horror. This means the episodes you are involved in may contain discussions of, descriptions of, and/or depictions of discrimination against LGBTQAI+ people.


To get the vibe of the show, you can check out the pilot series here: 



We are looking for a queer woman of colour preferably with a connection to Scotland. This includes trans women and non-binary women. Open to all accents. We require that you have your own recording space and set-up.


Audition Process

Please send us a recording including the following information:


  • Your name

  • Your pronouns

  • Your take on the two paragraphs included below


Please also include in your e-mail the time zone you are in, and any relevant voice acting credits or a CV, and send it to



We are offering a fee of £300 for approximately a day and a half of recording.


We are a disabled-led team and are keen to open up this casting call to voice actors with access needs. Please email us if there is any way we can accommodate your application, or if you have questions or concerns.



Here is our current timeline:

  • Casting call: Tuesday 10th Nov. - Friday 20th Nov.

  • Confirmation of chosen voice actor: Sunday 22nd Nov.

  • Rehearsal and recording (exact dates to be agreed with the successful applicant): Monday 23rd Nov. - Tuesday 8th Dec.


Future Seasons

Future work on the series is not guaranteed, but might be offered at a later date.


Casting Call Lines

This passage is for the character of a delivery driver describing a strange apartment block they often have to visit on their route:


“It's that feeling of heaviness, an oppressive and sound-dulled vacuum that tells you you're about to get in trouble for breaking a rule you can't help breaking. You are in trouble. You have been found out. This place is where that feeling goes to breed, multiply, and distill.” 


This passage is for the character of an unagreeable mother arguing with her husband about her son’s plans to bring his boyfriend to her upcoming birthday celebration.


"I just don't understand why they have to do this to me on my birthday, it wouldn't kill them to make an extra visit to introduce us, we barely see him once a year as it is."

You can view this casting call on Google Sheets at this link.

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